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    Dear Summit City Chorus,

    Our Mailing Address

    P.O. Box 13068
    Fort Wayne, IN 46867-3068

    Do you wish to dedicate yourself, as we do, to musical excellence? Visit one of our rehearsals, and experience how the SCC make musical magic like this!

    In the Summit City Chorus, you will become a better singer and performer. In addition to being inspired by an amazing choral conductor, you will receive coaching from renowned music educators. Every hour spent in our rehearsals will improve your vocal production, musical ear, and showmanship. You will contribute to an artistic product greater than yourself and forge new, lifelong friendships.

    Take the Next Step and Join The Summit City Chorus!

    Spread joy through performance, enriching your life and the lives of others.


    Every Tuesday night from 7:00 – 9:30pm

    Alternative Hours: When preparing for contest or a show, we may have rehearsals scheduled for other times in addition to our normal rehearsal.


    Rhinehart Music Center 

    2101 East Coliseum Blvd

    Fort Wayne, IN 46805

    Location: Music Building on the Purdue Fort Wayne Campus. Park in the lot or in the parking garage. In rehearsal room (look for signs once in building).

    More Info

    Location: Contact 260-433-0717